Royal Hawaiian Eye 2017 – Kauai

I just returned from Hawaiian Eye in Kauai.  The presentations are aimed at real world clinical practice.  I experienced the warmth of long-time colleagues.  It’s truly impressive how many of the attendees were people with whom I have worked on new products over the past 30+ years.  In a restaurant, a waiter commented “Are you here with a convention? Do you all know each other?  I’ve never seen so much table-hopping”.

J.P. Morgan meeting in San Francisco

I was in San Francisco for the annual J P Morgan biomedical meeting.  It was very rainy and windy, which made it challenging for the attendees as they transited between hotels and meetings.  It seemed to me that ophthalmology is still hot, at least as judged by the many ophthalmic colleagues I saw in hotel lobbies, coffee shops and restaurants.  The changing role for academic research was also evident in that I saw at least 3 full-time professors as well!