Speed Mentoring III


Dr. Novack participated as a mentor in the “Speed Mentoring” event at the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics annual meeting (www.ascpt.org). This is the 3rd annual event, of which Dr. Novack is a co-founder.”

Dry Eye Workshop II (DEWS II)

The Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society (TFOS) is sponsoring the Dry Eye Workshop II (DEWS II). Dr. Novack was a participant in the initial DEWS, published in 2007 www.tfosdewsreport.org. He presented the European regulatory perspective in TFOS i2 = INITIATING INNOVATION, the kick off for DEWS II in London in March 2015. Later that month, he was part of the organizing meeting of DEWS II in San Francisco, and he will chair the clinical trials sub-committee.

2nd Annual Speed Mentoring


Dr. Novack, a long-time member of the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, participated as a mentor in the 2nd annual “speed mentoring” event. He is the co-founder of this program to help younger scientists.

Pizza & Mentoring

Dr. Novack continues to support training and guidance to young scientists. At the recent American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, he helped organize a successful “speed mentoring” event. www.ascpt.org

He has given talks on drug development and compliance at his alma mater, University of California, Davis, including a “pizza with the prof” event.

2013 Highlights

Dr. Novack has worked with advised numerous companies their FDA and EMA interactions on new drugs, including accompanying clients to their regulatory meetings.

In June 2013, Dr. Novack was officially thanked for his 16 years of service to the UC Santa Cruz Foundation, including serving as past president.