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Gary Novack presents talk on new glaucoma drugs

Dr. Gary Novack presented an invited talk on “Why are there not more new glaucoma drugs” at the August meeting of the Glaucoma Research Society. The Glaucoma Research Society is a public interest, non-profit scientific association of outstanding glaucoma researchers that provides a forum to discuss and stimulate compelling or innovative research to prevent glaucoma-related disability worldwide. It is limited to 100 members worldwide. Dr. Novack is a long-time member.

Gary Novack, Ph.D., speaking at Glaucoma Research Society.

Dr. Novack featured in “The Ophthalmologist”

Dr. Novack was featured in a spotlight on ARVO members in a May 2022 posting of The Ophthalmologist entitled “Captain’s Log”, the reported focused on Dr. Novack’s answer to a query about an analogy for his work. Novack said “…like Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek Original Series “Corbomite Maneuver”, episode, I use available information to take strategic directions and optimize resources. He also gives to his “…parents, who were first generation to college, for providing me the education (together with the University of California) to enable me to reach my adolescent goal of being a scientist. I also credit my family for giving me support and fulfillment throughout my life.”

Gary Novack presents posters at ARVO 2022 in Denver

Dr. Gary Novack presented two posters at the May 2022 ARVO conference in Denver. One of these was presented in the Cornea section on preclinical data on a new investigative potential treatment for dry eye disease. The other was presented in the retina section on Phase 3 studies of a new topical anesthetic for use in the office for various procedures including intravitreal dosing.

Gonzalez VH, Wirta DL, Uram M, Schupp A, Widmann M, Novack GD. Two Randomized, Double-Masked, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel-Group Studies of the Local Anesthetic Effect of Articaine Sterile Topical Ophthalmic Solution 8% (AG-920)

Park LC, Gharat L, Park, K, Alam J, Yu Z, Hu Y, de Paiva CS, Novack GD. Pflugfelder SC. Dry Eye: Evaluation of novel YP-P10 Peptide in animal models of inflammatory dry eye disease.

Gary Novack presenting poster at ARVO 2022 in Denver
Gary Novack presenting poster at ARVO 2022 in Denver

60 products!

With a recent product approval, Dr. Novack has now made substantial contributions to 60 approved products during his career. As he noted in an editorial, half of “Pharmacology” is “Therapeutics” – providing better ways to treat patients. Please see “Key Roles” on the PharmaLogic website.

PharmaLogic to provide service to Zhaoke Ophthalmology

PharmaLogic Development, Inc. has been contracted to provide service to Zhaoke Ophthalmology Limited in their ophthalmic product development.

Value of medical writers discussed in top journal

The issue of ethics of professional medical writers engaged by pharmaceutical firms was discussed in novel oncology therapies.  

In a recent article in JAMA Oncology on the use of surrogate endpoints in oncology, del Paggio et al identified industry funding for nearly all.  They further highlighted the use of medical writers in papers published on this work to be of concern, suggesting that medical writers may unduly influence the interpretation of trials.  In a letter, leaders of three professional medical writing organizations, the American Medical Writers Association, the European Medical Writers Association and the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals, refute this point, stating that the authors have no data to support this premise.  Further, the medical writers make reference to Good Publication Practices guidelines, and ethical standards for medical writers.  They cite a paper by Hamilton et al showing the opposite – that the involvement of medical writers in preparing manuscripts improves several outcomes.

Dr. Novack’s paper among top 100 glaucoma papers

The American Glaucoma Society recently sought to identify 100 articles with significant impact on the clinical care of patients with glaucoma. This was based upon citation frequency and the input of members of the Society. The results of this activity was recently published by Drs. Vinod, Gedde and Ramulu in Ophthalmology Glaucoma. One of Dr. Novack’s papers on a new class of topical ocular hypotensive agents was selected (Serle JB et al. Two Phase 3 Clinical Trials Comparing the Safety and Efficacy of Netarsudil to Timolol in Patients With Elevated Intraocular Pressure: Rho Kinase Elevated IOP Treatment Trial 1 and 2 (ROCKET-1 and ROCKET-2). Am J Ophthalmol. 2018;186:116-27).

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